I have been really enjoying the book “the Art of Seduction” by Robert Greene. He gives numerous historic examples of how different forms of seduction can be used obtain power, admiration, and pretty much whatever it is the seducer wants. Reading this book also helped me realize that we, as women, posses a very powerful tool: our femininity.

Seduction goes way beyond enticing someone sexually, but it is a key element in enticing your subject into working in your favor. I know some people may be reading this and assume that I’m encouraging malicious manipulation, but that is not true at all. I am, however, explaining the benefit of a specific kind of manipulation.

Back to the topic of femininity: what is it, and how can we use it to our benefit? Femininity can be split into two compartments: the spiritual and the physical. It is an essence—it is softness, kindness, sensuality. On a physical level, it is a woman’s shape, and “traditional” feminine accessories such as jewelry or fragrances. Historically, men have always responded to a strong feminine aura. How could they not? It’s hardwired into their DNA. A key factor to keep in mind when using your feminine charm is to remember that men are hunters.

I know for me, I can tell a difference in how men treat me when I’m all “dolled up” versus when I’m not. They’re usually nicer, they feel more inclined to help me, and they actually listen to me more intently. As women, we know that men are ultimately always trying to smash—and you know what? That’s ok. We can use this fact to our advantage.

Men are slaves to their special member downstairs, and we have seen this play out in women’s favor for decades. Cleopatra was able to obtain more power than any of her other female counterparts because of her natural ability to seduce Caesar. The interesting thing about Cleopatra is that her sexuality was not even her strongest attribute, her intellect was. Any woman can slather on makeup and slap on a kinky dress; when these mundane attributes are properly weaponized, that’s when our femininity is fully realized.

Before you use your looks as a weapon, it is integral that you first have a strong sense of self. As I mentioned before, any woman can be a “baddie” with the right makeup and clothes, but if that’s all you are, you’re going to easily blend in with the crowd. On top of that, you are actually going to easily be manipulated. What we’re trying to do is use a harsh truth in our favor. Women’s values are measured from the preservation of their looks, but that doesn’t mean that that’s all we are. Your looks are your strategy—understand that men are judging you based off of that first. Understand that your sex appeal is what draws them in.

Understand first what you want for yourself, whether it’s within the realm of a relationship, your career, or whatever chapter of life you’re in right now. What gives you value? What gives you a sense of purpose? What boundaries have you set for yourself when it comes to men, or even friends and family? Every day we wake up is a day that can be dedicated to self-improvement. Learn a new language, get a new hobby, and find a lucrative side hustle. Do these things with the knowledge that you have value on your own. Cleopatra didn’t need to beg Caesar to shower her with attention—she knew how to get it, how to use him to get what she wanted,  and she ultimately knew she was gonna get what she wanted with or without him.

Your Trigger, Your Responsibility

Imagine you found a sick puppy on the side of the road. Of course, you want to help her, your heart breaks for her, but if you so much as bend over to pick her up, you’ll puke your intestines out. Not to mention you’re fatigued from chemo. That’s right buddy: you have cancer.

That sounds like a pretty extreme example, but this is what I imagine when I find myself overextending myself to others. Would you expect a person dying of cancer to nurse you back to health from your cold? Of course not. Not only would that be extremely selfish of you to expect that, it wouldn’t even benefit you.

When we halt our lives to help those we care about, we’re practically doing the same thing. It isn’t fair to yourself to pause your dreams and give away your free time, for an arbitrary badge of martyrdom. The ironic thing is  that most of the time, your sacrifices go unnoticed—honestly, they should.

Why should someone feel sorry for you because you elected yourself to their every beck and call? As far as they’re concerned, this was your choice, and it is ultimately your choice.

I think empaths are the most powerful people in the planet; we have an ability to read people deeper than most people can. We don’t have to view our characteristics as weaknesses, we instead have to practice self awareness and selfishness.

So…This is my first blog post

As the title implies, this is my very first blog post. Nothing groundbreaking here, this is just where I introduce myself a little bit. I’m a millennial that likes to play video games, watch anime and is fluent in sarcasm. There’s still a lot that I’m trying to figure out about myself, so that’s all I got right now. Nevertheless, I do hope that whoever comes across this blog finds my posts helpful, or at least entertaining.