Why are People so Comfortable with Dragging Black Women?

Tyra Banks became Twitter’s latest casualty of the ever so random and aimless “woke wars” (or “Woke Olympics,” as I like to call them). Video footage from previous seasons of America’s Next Top Model had resurfaced on twitter, and the woke warriors wouldn’t rest until Tyra was successfully “canceled.” Now, I will definitely acknowledge thatContinue reading “Why are People so Comfortable with Dragging Black Women?”

You Don’t Like Your 4c Hair, and It’s Your Fault

A lot of y’all aren’t going to like what I’m going to say in this post, but it needs to be said. You don’t like your 4c hair because you choose not to. It’s not anyone’s fault; at this point, it’s all you. Now, of course the black community as a collective has not beenContinue reading “You Don’t Like Your 4c Hair, and It’s Your Fault”

Black Women, Stop Defending Women that Don’t Defend You

People love Cardi B—especially black women. In the beginning, I was definitely a fan of her goofy personality, and like many I saw her success as a Cinderella Story come to life: however, over the years, Cardi has unpeeled the less appealing layers of her character. Cardi Isn’t Black In our community, we have aContinue reading “Black Women, Stop Defending Women that Don’t Defend You”

Tips on How to Keep Calm during a Global Pandemic (and in general)

As you all know, we are in the middle of a global pandemic, that being the spread of COVID-19. I know a lot of you may be scared and frustrated with how this situation is being handled, but let’s not lose sight of our mental wellbeing and attack this thing from a factual standpoint. HereContinue reading “Tips on How to Keep Calm during a Global Pandemic (and in general)”

5 Irrefutable Reasons to be a Bitch

You know how in teen movies the nice girl is always secretly pining over her crush, but he’s trapped in the claws of the vicious mean girl? In these situations, the “mean girl” is portrayed as the villain, but how many times has the “good girl” gotten the guy in real life? I’ll save youContinue reading “5 Irrefutable Reasons to be a Bitch”

Sex Appeal: A Woman’s Greatest Strength

Femininity is a woman’s greatest tool, especially when the sexual component is drawn out. Lately, I have been a huge advocate for women using their sexuality to get what they want out of men. I know the phrase “women using their sexuality to get what they want from men” comes across as really regressive toContinue reading “Sex Appeal: A Woman’s Greatest Strength”

What I Learned from Dating a Sociopath

A sociopath is a person that lacks empathy and manipulates people into doing whatever they please. That definition alone isn’t even the tip of the iceberg. I feel like you really have to experience engaging with a sociopath in an intimate way to have a deeper understanding on how they operate. As an empath—someone whoContinue reading “What I Learned from Dating a Sociopath”

Speak the Life You Want into Existence

We have a lot more control over our destinies than what we give ourselves credit for. Of course, everyone has their own different set of financial and maybe even physical limitations, but the thing that hinders is all the most is our mental blocks. A lot of times we tell ourselves we don’t deserve something,Continue reading “Speak the Life You Want into Existence”