Why You Shouldn’t Care About Being A Nice Person

You can be the nicest person in the world and never be acknowledged for it.

You shouldn’t measure your worth based on what you can do for others. Even the most decent people take advantage of those that are too nice. Wanna know why? You have no backbone. You care too much about other people thinking you’re nice that your own needs end up being ignored. There’s no prize at the end for being someone’s door mat.

If You’re Going to be Nice, Be Nice to Yourself

Be nice to yourself first, always. Period. This may not be the most politically correct thing to say, but not everyone is deserving of your kindness. Just like we have to earn someone’s respect or time, kindness must be earned. Don’t fall prey to the fear of being perceived as the angry black woman, your niceness is not someone else’s birthright.

Embrace your inner bitch.

You are deserving of kindness, but the only guaranteed kindness is what we give to ourselves. Don’t be so hard on yourself, stop being so critical. If anything, laugh at yourself more. Who gives a fuck if someone doesn’t like you? Are you gonna develope a cancerous lump in your neck of someone doesn’t like you? No, but you might from caring too much about it.

Being Nice Doesn’t Make You Weak

Being nice doesn’t make you a weak person, but it’s not your only (or even your best) quality.  You won’t gain anyone’s respect by playing the roll of the doormat at your own expense. The nice guy will continue to finish last if you’re nice to everyone else but yourself.

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