The Karma of being a “Pick Me”

Before Baridi Gang starts bitching, I am in no way making fun of Cardi’s alleged divorce to Offset. If anything, I actually applaud her for it— any woman that finds the strength to leave a toxic relationship is automatically the victor—however, I cannot refrain from acknowledging the presence of the baddest bitch herself in this situation: karma.

It was just a week ago that Cardi was trending alongside the conservatives’ favorite token, Candace Owens. Cardi was attempting to drag Candace for being married to a white man, alleging that she was a “traitor to her race.”

Now, I am in no way a fan of Candace, but in what world is it ever ok to judge a black woman for who she chooses to marry?

Offset is a race traitor, but where is the backlash towards him for marrying a nonblack Latina woman?

Black women, stop allowing colorist queens to speak on your behalf.

Cardi was just judging another woman for who she decided to marry, and now she’s getting divorced from her black kang.

See the karma in that?

You can have the wettest WAP, cook 5 course meals, clean until your kitchen is chrome and a man will still cheat—so why do women place so much responsibility on themselves to maintain the relationship?

At this point, we all know Offset more so for his infidelity than his music, so why did Cardi dangle her marriage to Candace as if she was beneath her?

Cardi has bought cars, gifted him with money and gave her womb to this man, and he never got his act together.

Why would he? She wasn’t going anywhere.

You don’t get a special prize for being a man’s doormat.

The irony of being a “pick me” is not only that you end up with the shitty guy, you don’t even keep him at the end.

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