Why Is Female Sexuality So Controversial?

The internet had a field day after the release of the visuals for Cardi B’s “WAP,” featuring Megan Thee Stallion. While some of the response was excitement from fans, there was a surprising amount of backlash– I only say surprising because some of that backlash came from women.

Of course some men only have an issue with women being overtly sexual when they aren’t on the receiving end of it. Why do people take such issue with women being openly sexual?

I wasn’t at all surprised about the number of men pretending to be so outraged by women speaking freely about their sexual desires. I think it’s best for women to ignore the slut shaming rhetoric from men, because they have proven time and time again how much they adore sluts.

I was surprised to see so many women pushing back so heavily from the video–some are even going as far to say that this video is some kind of spiritual warfare that’s being hurled at them. It isn’t my intent to insult anyone who describes themselves as spiritual or religious, but it’s concerning to see how many women are still allowing themselves to be manipulated by archaic beliefs in the name of Jesus.

If sex is so natural, why is it so wrong when we talk about it?

Why is it especially wrong when women talk about it?

For the women out their who are disgusted by such overt displays of sexuality: how do you feel when you hear male rappers degrading women to THOTs and bitches with fat asses? Religion has been used as a ploy to control marginalized groups for centuries–there are numerous instances where women are painted as devious fiends who lead poor, unassuming, able bodied, autonomous men down a path of distruction. Why continue to align yourself with this rhetoris.

I also think it’s very important to add that women deserve to enjoy their own sexuality, and it doesn’t always have to include a man. If you have read any of my previous blogs, you know that I am an advocate for a woman using her sexuality in a strategic manner; however, there does seem to be a trend among female rappers where they tote their sexuality as a bragging right that’s aimed at men and meant to tear down other women.

Not to rain on anyone’s wet pussy parade, but having a super soaker pussy doesn’t make you special, it just means you’re alive. There’s always gonna be a woman that sucks better dick than you do.

A woman’s sexuality should be enjoyed by that woman in whatever way empowers her.

Sex is not a consolation prize we give to some loser who thinks his opinions makes the world go round, and it isn’t anything to be ashamed of. Not everyone expresses their sexuality in the same manner as Megan and Cardi, and that’s truly fine, but being a judgmental prude doesn’t make you any better of a person, and it most definitely won’t get you a man of God delivered to your doorstep.

As Cardi said, but didn’t write: I don’t cook, I don’t clean
But let me tell you how I got this ring.

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