5 Irrefutable Reasons to be a Bitch

You know how in teen movies the nice girl is always secretly pining over her crush, but he’s trapped in the claws of the vicious mean girl? In these situations, the “mean girl” is portrayed as the villain, but how many times has the “good girl” gotten the guy in real life? I’ll save you the math and say slim to none. You know why? Because she doesn’t see her own worth and put herself first like the mean girl does. Here are 5 reasons it is always better to be the bitch than the good girl.

  1. Nice Girls Finish Last
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If we’re being honest, nice people finish last. Nice people are too focused on being perceived as nice instead of being respected. Don’t get so caught up in just being nice—humans are multifaceted individuals, so why limit yourself to only being known as the “nice one”? Nice people are also more susceptible to being taken advantage of, because they’re afraid that if they speak up, they’ll be seen as being “too harsh.” There’s nothing wrong with being nice, but don’t solely identify yourself as such.

2. Bitches Don’t Care What People Think

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Bitches fear no one. As I mentioned in the previous point, a lot of women are afraid of expressing negative emotion because they’re afraid of how they’ll be perceived. A bitch doesn’t have this problem. If she has an issue with how something was said, she’ll say it. If she feels disrespected, she’ll make it known. If no one is listening to her ideas in the business meeting, she’ll speak up. If speaking up for yourself and setting boundaries makes you a bitch, so be it.

3. Bitches Are Leaders

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Bitches are natural born leaders. Their bold, no nonsense attitude may be intimidating to the weak, but inspirational to others. Bitches lead by example, by simply being themselves. You have to have a fearless attitude and always carry yourself with pride on a day to day basis. Everyone emits a certain level of energy, and anyone can pick up on energy whether they realize it or not. Bitches naturally attract other bitches, so you want to make sure that the circle around you pushes you to be better. If your current group of friends is holding you back, then lead by example by making changes to your attitudes towards your life a personal success. If this means surrounding yourself with a new group of girls, then so be it; it not’s anything personal, but if you want to be great, you have to make the necessary sacrifices.

4. Bitches Are Selfish

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You have to put yourself first, always. I’m blessed enough to have wonderful friends and family in my corner that always have my best interest in mind; unfortunately, they won’t always be around. I know that sounds depressing, but that’s the reality of the human condition. You have to be your own source, and worrying how others see you will take you off course. Nice girls put everyone else before them often times to their own expense. This may sound like I’m encouraging you to be coldhearted, but think about it like this: if someone is feeding you positive energy, reciprocate that; if they’re feeding you negative energy, disengage completely. Not everyone deserves kindness, and not everyone deserves your attention. If a situation or a person isn’t benefiting you, detach yourself. Establishing healthy, clear boundaries will help ensure that you don’t end up in situations where you’re being taken advantage of.

5. Bitches Are Confident

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One thing you’ll learn about me as you join me on this journey to self-discovery is that I love mantras. As dorky as it may sound, they have helped me out a lot. To be frank, confidence was not something that came naturally to me; I used to be pretty harsh on myself and had a very negative inner dialogue with myself. If there is anything that I hope you learn from this post it’s this: You become a bad bitch simply by saying so. When certain thought patterns don’t come naturally, I advise coming up with a simple sayings that you repeat to yourself. Repetition is a necessary step. The wonderful thing about the human brain is that it can be rewired—you don’t have to fall prey to automatic negative thoughts, simply redirect them in a more positive direction. It will take time, depending on where you are in life, but becoming confident is something that is within every woman’s reach. All you have to do is decide that you’re worth it.

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