Sex Appeal: A Woman’s Greatest Strength

Femininity is a woman’s greatest tool, especially when the sexual component is drawn out. Lately, I have been a huge advocate for women using their sexuality to get what they want out of men.

I know the phrase “women using their sexuality to get what they want from men” comes across as really regressive to some, but it’s not what you think it is. You get a man to do just about anything if he thinks he’s getting laid at the end.

Men are Visual Creatures; Use This to Your Advantage

We’ve all experienced the annoying ass dude who stares at you as if you’re the last woman on earth, but that’s confirmation that looks are powerful. While society places a heavy burned on women to look good at all times, we can learn to not view this as a negative and instead see it as an advantage. I’m a firm believer in using an unfair system to my benefit, so when I don’t feel like putting effort into my looks I of course remind myself that I am more than my looks, and instead view them as a powerful tool.

All you have to do is look at the stacks of money strippers flaunt constantly to attest the truth in the power of a woman’s sexuality. Men try so hard to slut shame women that work in the sex industry, but who keeps their bills paid?

Embrace the Damsel in Distress Role

I firmly believe that women should be able to provide for themselves and not need the assistance of a man for anything—there’s nothing wrong with wanting it, though. A general rule of being a high value woman that stands out from the crowd is being able to easily walk away, so when I reference the “damsel in distress” role, I’m referencing it very lightly.

Imagine this scenario: you’re pulled over on the side of the road and you’re tire is flat. You may be very much capable of changing it yourself, but we’d all rather have someone else do the hard work for us. Who do you think a guy would pull over and help first, the cute, wide eyed damsel who’s clearly too fragile to change her own tire, or the gruff, disheveled woman who looks like she just rolled out of bed?

Now, of course, a decent human being would help out both individuals—no person is more worth assisting because of how they look, but this isn’t how men think. It sounds harsh, but I’m willing to bet my left pinky that a guy would help out the hot chick before the “ugly” one. This is what I mean when I say using an unfair system to our benefit.

Feminine Energy

The Damsel in Distress scenario goes beyond just being cute, men respond more eagerly to more feminine women than masculine. This sounds painfully obvious, but there could be ways that you’re exuding masculine energy without realizing it. Do you have a sailor mouth? Does “Act Up” by the City Girls resonate a bit too deeply within you? Well, honey, you’re probably a man.

I’m just kidding, please chill. Notice I didn’t say that being into sports, or wearing sweats makes you “manly.” In fact, I wouldn’t even completely eliminate your masculine traits—balance them with your feminine ones. Practice softness, being more mindful of how you respond to certain situations. Challenge yourself to wear colors outside of your comfort zone, or take up a creative hobby. Being Feminine doesn’t have to mean that you wear heels 24/7 and never get angry, it is an energy that exists within all of us, and we have to learn how to channel it.

We live in an unfair world where a woman’s worth is measured on her youth, beauty, and her ability to “get” and “keep” a man. We don’t have to be victims of this, but we can instead use this to our advantage. I’m not saying that misogyny is a made up issue, I’m instead giving an alternative way of fighting it. 

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