Speak the Life You Want into Existence

We have a lot more control over our destinies than what we give ourselves credit for. Of course, everyone has their own different set of financial and maybe even physical limitations, but the thing that hinders is all the most is our mental blocks.

A lot of times we tell ourselves we don’t deserve something, and we eventually never achieve that thing. The knee jerk reaction is to think “See? I knew I didn’t deserve it.” It wasn’t that we proved ourselves right, we created that reality the moment we told ourselves we didn’t deserve it.

I’ve been very fascinated by the concept of the law of attraction. To explain very simply, it’s essentially speaking things into existence. I recommend reading books on the subject matter, or even listening to podcasts to have a deeper understanding. What I’ve basically learned is that you can’t give into your feelings of defeat, but it’s ok to feel defeated. It’s like the basic rule if stoicism: focus in the things you can control.

As I mentioned earlier, we all have our limitations, but focusing on those limitations certainly won’t put you in a better position or even change them. You want to go after your dream job? Do it, but do it when you’re not feeling like crap. When you make decisions while you’re experiencing negative emotions, you’re less likely to achieve the results you want. Make up in your mind that things will get better for you. Don’t worry about ironing all the details. This doesn’t mean that you don’t take any action at all, but you have to trust that it will happen for you.

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